Legal Update Memo No. 08-2020 – COVID-19 Updates (CCD)

Download pdf: 08-2020(CC) – COVID-19 Updates w attachment (KAS)

In this time of continuing change, we are providing community colleges with an update on the impact of COVID-19. We have provided a Frequently Asked Question (“FAQ”) document with this Update, which provides answers to many common questions surrounding COVID-19’s impact on public school employment.

On March 16, 2020 the Governor issued an Executive Order providing relief and direction to K-12 schools. This Executive Order and subsequent clarifying legislation does not apply to community college districts. However, on March 16, 2020, the Chancellor’s Office issued an update on COVID-19 with helpful resources for community colleges.[1]

Importantly, the Chancellor’s Office has issued the following recommendations for all community colleges:

  • Substantially limit all in-person interaction on campuses through June.
  • Continue to move instruction to remote learning platforms.
  • Consider reconfiguring all commencement ceremonies and pinning ceremonies to limit event size or move to a virtual format.
  • Cancel, postpone or move to a remote format all events, large meetings or conferences for the remainder of the year. This includes moving public board meetings to a remote format.
  • Institute remote work protocols for eligible employees in consultation with local bargaining units.
  • Consider the strong possibility of a slowdown in the state’s economy as you review on-going expenditures.

If your college has not yet submitted an application for an Emergency Distance Education Blanket Addendum, you are strongly encouraged to submit one at this time.[2] These applications can be submitted pre-emptively, if you wish to continue to maintain face-to-face instruction in the immediate future.

The Chancellor’s Office is providing webinars and resources for colleges transitioning to remote learning.

Finally, the Chancellor’s Office has requested that all colleges cancel their financial aid outreach for the remainder of the spring term. There will be no penalty assessed for failing to hold these events.


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[1] Available at:

[2] Information on submitting this application can be found here: