Legal Update Memo No. 13-2022(CC) – Merit Systems: Permanent Employees Have the Right to Return to Former Classification Upon Failing Probation in a Promotional Position (CC)

Download pdf: 13-2022(CC) – Merit Systems – Permanent Employees Have the Right to Return to Former Classification Upon Failing Probation in a Promotional Position (DLM)

On August 15, 2022, Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill (“SB”) 874, which requires that a permanent classified employee in a merit system local educational agency (“LEA”)[1] who fails probation in a promotional position be re-employed in the classification from which the employee was promoted. This change in the law creates parity with non-merit LEAs. (Cal. Educ. Code §§ 45113(a) and 88013(a).)

The implication of this change for merit system LEAs is that permanent employees who do not complete the probationary period in a promotional position have a right to retreat to their former classification.  To ensure a position in the former classification is available, for the duration of the employee’s probationary period in the promotional position, we recommend that the LEA hire a limited-term employee (Cal. Educ. Code §§ 45286 and 88105) who can be released, if necessary, to enable a permanent employee’s return to the former classification.

SB 874 takes effect January 1, 2023, except in LEAs where a collective bargaining agreement, entered into before January 1, 2023, contains a contrary provision.  In such LEAs, the collective bargaining agreement provision will continue to apply until expiration or renewal of the agreement.

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[1]   An LEA is within a merit system if the governing board or the county office of education has elected to create a merit district, pursuant to sections of the Education Code (Educ. Code §§ 1317, 45240 et seq., and 88060 et seq.), which include appointment of a personnel commission for matters including establishment of lists of persons eligible for employment, discipline, promotional examinations, and more, applicable to the classified service.