Legal Update Memo No. 42-2021 – Public Agency Statement of Facts (K-12)

Download pdf:  42-2021 – Public Agency Statement of Facts w Attachments (SPR)

This is a reminder to update your district’s statement of facts listed in the Registry of Public Agencies (“Registry”), a public list of basic facts about a school district which includes the following:

  1.  The full, legal name of the public agency;
  2. The official mailing address of the governing board;
  3. The name and residence or business address of each member of the governing board; and
  4. The name, title, and residence or business address of the chairperson, president, or other presiding officer, and clerk or secretary of the governing board.

Potential claimants can use the Registry to find names and addresses for filing a claim with a district under the Government Claims Act.  The timely filing of a governmental claim is a precondition to filing a lawsuit against a district.

The consequences of failing to maintain the accuracy of this factual information can be significant.  Claimants may be allowed to file lawsuits without first filing timely governmental claims with the district if the basic facts listed above are significantly inaccurate or incomplete.

Government Code section 53051 requires every school district to file a specified statement of facts about the district with the California Secretary of State[1] and with the county clerk for each county in which the district maintains an office after it comes into existence and to periodically amend that statement.

Subsection (b) of section 53051 requires districts to file an amended statement of facts within 10 days after a change in any of these basic facts.  Organizational meetings may result in a change in the presiding officer (see fact #4 above).  If there are changes in the facts listed above, it is important that you file an amended statement of facts to update the Registry with the Secretary of State and with the county clerk for each county where the district maintains an office.  Failure to do so could relieve a claimant of the duty to comply with the Government Claims Act and increase exposure to lawsuits.

Districts should use their full legal name when filing and not an abbreviated acronym.

To be certain your district information is properly filed in the Registry, we advise either using U.S. certified mail, return receipt requested, or obtain a certified copy of the filed document following the instructions that begin on page two of the Registry form.

Attached is a copy of Government Code section 53051 and a Registry form for filing with the Secretary of State.  Contact your local county clerk’s office for instructions on how to file the statement of facts at the county level.

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[1] A copy of this form can be found at, or by filling out the attached PDF.