Public Agency Statement of Facts

The Roster of Public Agencies is a public list of basic facts about a community college district., 1. The full, legal name of the public agency;, 2. The official mailing address of the governing body;, 3. The name and residence or business address of each member of the governing body; and, 4. The name, title, and residence or business address of the chairman, president, or other presiding officer, and clerk or secretary of the governing body., Potential tort claimants against a district can use the list to find names and addresses for, filing a governmental tort claim with a district. The timely filing of a governmental tort claim with a district is a condition to being able to pursue a tort lawsuit against that district. , The consequences of failing to maintain the currency of this factual information can be significant: tort claimants may be allowed to file lawsuits without first filing timely governmental claims with the district if the basic facts listed above are significantly inaccurate or incomplete. An increase in the number of potential lawsuits places the district and board members at unnecessary risk.